Friday, July 13, 2012

In the Newspaper!

Congratulations to Ruth Johnson and Kathy Wayman, their pictures appeared in the July 6th edition of the Fire Island Tide Newspaper, page 18 for their contributions to the Fire Island Lighthouse Art Show!
You can read all about it on the web, lots of articles if you google Fire Island Lighthouse Art Show- there were actually two art shows this year, one a plein air event organized by the Wet Paints Studio Group and the Annual Lighthouse Art Show, which is still on view.

If you haven't been to the lighthouse, its a great place to visit! Lots to do, see, and learn!
Here are two handy links:

(There is a parking fee)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July in Bellport- Do the Walk!

You'll find lots of great art and other fine gifts, glass works, and jewelry etc. at:

Circa Something, 117A South Country Rd -  featuring the work of Matthew Troyan and other local artists including Br. Gerard Cormier 
Gallery 125,  125 South Country Rd -  featuring cutting edge art by local artists
Bellport Arts & Framing 137 South Country Rd (owned by SBAA  Member LuAnn Thompson) (featuring Batik and Gyotaku by Chris Taylor) (and Br. Gerard Cormier)
Phoenix Gallery, 139 South Country Rd (BAHC President Greg Barbera is an SBAA member) exhibiting SBAA artists including Lilian Masten
Cafe Castello, 141 South Country Rd (Retrospective Bellport Posters, celebrating 30 years of the Festival Posters!) 
The Village Silversmith 149 South Country Rd (featuring art by SBAA members Dwight Trujillo, Ted Stamatelos and others)
The Red Bench  151 South Country Rd (owned by SBAA member Mary Samuels and showing new work by Linda Cullen, and lots of local artists, many of whom are SBAA members)

Do the WALK! Take a Stroll! 

The new 2012 Bellport Festival Poster by SBAA Founding Member Emily Czaja will be available on July 4th from the Chamber of Commerce, whose table will be in front of #5 Bellport Lane-
(Em's win continues SBAA's winning streak- recent posters have been created by Br. Gerard Cormier, (2011), Larry Johnston (2009), and LuAnn Thompson (2008), Mary Reay (1999) and Jodi Love (1989).
(Reprints are available online at

Be sure to stop by the SBAA Raffle table, in front of Village Hall on Bellport Lane- to win an original artwork generously donated by our members- All Raffle Proceeds benefit our Student Scholarship Fund. Raffle winner is chosen at 4  pm, you need not be present to win (we'll call you!)

Thanks to all our members, volunteers, friends and guests, for making Artists on the Lane the best outdoor art show on Long Island! 

Monday, July 2, 2012


We're happy to announce that (Founding) SBAA member, Emily Czaja, has won the 2012 Bellport Festival Poster Contest! The Poster is being unveiled on Wednesday on Bellport Lane by the Chamber of Commerce. Also check out a retrospective of all the past posters (30 years' worth!) at Cafe Castello, 141 S Country Road- Several of the more recent contests have been won by SBAA members, and they are now available for reprint too, at Bellport Arts & Framing (another sbaa member!)

Congratulations Em, and Happy, Safe 4th of July to all!